With God’s Words in Your Mouth, You can “Decree a Thing” as a KING!!

Now, as I mentioned at the beginning of this teaching on Kings, a King DECLARES, HE DOES NOT PETITION as Priests would do.  They simply DECLARE AND DECREE things into existence.  That is what WE are to do as we step into OUR KINGLY role and DECREE the “AMEN” as we SPEAK the FINAL WORD of God.  I would like to take you through some DECLARATIVE PRAYERS.  But before I do that, let us look at a scripture that shows us ALL the types of prayers we CAN release as we step into our Kingly role.  Please follow with me very closely, as I try to apply my teaching “expertise” and break this down for you.  Lol, lol!!!             Jeremiah 1: 9-10“Then the Lord put forth His hand and touched my mouth.  And the Lord said to me, Behold, I have put MY WORDS in YOUR MOUTH.  See, I have this day appointed you to the oversight of the nations and of the kingdoms to root out and pull down, to destroy and to overthrow (Confrontational), to build and to plant.” (Creative)    If you noticed, the root out and pull down and to destroy are ALL CONFRONTATIONAL prayers.  REMEMBER WHAT DO KINGS DO?  They decree things into existence and they also WAR.  Sometimes for a king to enforce his law of the land or the decree he has declared, he must become CONFRONTATIONAL.  He has a confrontational AUTHORITY.  BUT as you have seen, when he releases a DECREE, he in a sense also releases his CREATIVE AUTHORITY.  So, we have confrontational authority as well as creative authority.   On one hand we are tearing down, plucking up, destroying the works of the enemy in our lives, and on the other hand, we are creating something, we are creating HIS will for our lives.  WE are working hand in hand with our creator and our FATHER to allow HIM to RELEASE THROUGH OUR MOUTH, HIS WILL.   The KEY is that HE PUT HIS WORDS IN OUR MOUTH!!!!!  It’s about what we’re HEARING!  IT’S BACK to our PROPHETIC call, remember?  Prophets simply HEAR what the father is saying and ONLY release what they HEAR HIM saying!  It’s WHAT ARE HEARING THAT WE RELEASE!!!  When we HEAR the “NOW PROCEEDING WORD OF GOD, we put that in OUR mouth and as we RELEASE it, we ARE CREATING SOMETHING with it!   Now, let’s break it down one step further.  We will notice that the CREATIVE prayer is kind of the same as CONFRONTATIONAL prayer BECAUSE when the enemy is CONFRONTED with the TRUTH of God, of that CREATIVE word of God, it will TEAR down, it will pull out, and it will pluck up and destroy ALL the word that he’s been over here busy doing.  What do I mean?  Well, for instance if you’re battling with sickness in your body and the doctors are giving you a very bad report, you DON’T NECESSARILY have to release a confrontational prayer like, “I rebuke you spirit of ….. that is trying to attack my body, I bind you spirit of death off of me…”  You could Just RELEASE the CREATIVE WORD OF GOD by saying “Father I release your life in me.  You come to give me life, and life MORE abundantly, for I shall live and NOT die and declare the works of my Lord.”  See, the enemy is ARRESTED with the TRUTH of God when the light and revelation of God enters the scene and something is CREATED, and at the same time, his works are destroyed.  Now I AM NOT SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD NOT CONFRONT the enemy IF YOU HEAR THE LORD TELLING YOU TO DO SO!  I confront the enemy when I hear the Lord telling me to do so.  What I am saying is that there may be times when the Lord may tell you as a king, you are to just simply release HIS creative word!  He may NOT want you to look at your lost child and rebuke the enemy out of their lives.  He may just want you to release His creative word that says, “My children shall return form the land of the enemy, and they shall rise up and call me blessed.  One shall call himself by the name of the Lord and the other by the name of Israel.  They are like the trees planted by the waters.”  You see?  Because when you are doing this, the enemy is stopped in his tracks and arrested with the TRUTH or CREATIVE word of God and IMMEDIATELY ALL that he has been bringing against you is plucked out and tore down and destroyed by the creative word of God that you released.  I am simply saying that we don’t have to have our focus all the time on what the enemy is doing.  See we worship what we behold.  If we’re busy taking our cue’s from the devil, we’re giving him worship.  SO we are not down here looking at what the devil is up to and praying into a DEFENSIVE posture therefore making us always one step BEHIND the devil!  You might think that you have to know ALL that the enemy is doing so that AFTER you can declare against his works.  That is NOT the case!   Remember how Elisha was always one step ahead of the enemy?  That was because the Lord was showing him in his chambers what the enemy was planning, therefore he always had the army one step ahead of what the enemy was planning and the enemy was scratching his head not knowing how Elisha knew his plans.    The key is that the Lord revealed it!  Where?  In his chambers, in prayer.  Who were Elisha’s eyes on?  The Lord – not the enemy.  He was not seeking out to know what the enemy was planning.  You see, as we are in tune with the Father, He’s going to reveal to us what we need to know.  We don’t even necessarily need to know what the enemy is doing, BECAUSE as we release the Word of God, the word that we hear HIM telling us to release, NOT OUR WORDS, BUT ONLY WHAT WE HEAR HIM SAYING, we will put the enemy to route in the areas that we may not even have natural understanding of his plans!   To be continued…….

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